Welcome! In these pages I would like to share with you a world connecting fiction and places, authors and books, stories of struggles, courage, and achievements, of cultural connections and more.

I hope you find something that sparks your interest.  I am also hoping you will respond and share your experiences so that I can increase my knowledge and expand my world.

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I am a hodophile, a bibliophile a deltiologist, a licensed HAM operator, a budding Toastmaster but most of all a writer!



Daniel San Souci -Author/Illustrator/Artist

The year 2002. I was helping with arranging author visits to Gomes Elementary School in Fremont, California.  Previously the PTA (Parent Teacher Association) had arranged successful visits from a series of authors.    As I was in charge of the program, I had suggested that we try and invite an illustrator for a change to address the students. While doing …

Yosemite and Two Bear Cubs

This was the second National Park that my husband, Venkat, and I visited after we immigrated to the United States.  It was here that I grew captivated with bears.  My enjoyment of long hikes also started with my first visit to Yosemite.

A few days after our arrival the three of us started on our camping trip to Lake Tahoe and Yosemite.  On arriving in the valley at Yosemite, we first went to the campground and pitched our tent. Later, as I was dozing off I was awakened by a grunt.  I was still, listening intently.  I heard it again this time it seemed nearer.  A few minutes later I thought I  heard not only the grunt but also the rustling of leaves. 


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